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In 1994 at the age of 44 years I founded the mail order house Aero Spezial. As an active scale aircraft modeller since the early ‘60s – starting with paper models due to low budget pocket-money and later changing to plastic models – I soon searched for upgrade items for those „straight-from-the-box“ models, which formed the roots of Aero Spezial finally.
What followed was the repeated participation at the Matchbox modelling competition, which bestowed me the silver medal at federal level in 1987.
Readers of the German modelling magazine KIT know me as an editor for articles about military aviation and related modelling stories since 1987.
Due to the increased activities around Aero Spezial modelling has to slow down unfortunately, although my work table is still there waiting for reactivation! After more than 30 years of scale aircraft modelling I sometimes have learned the hard way and gained experience thereby. It is my policy to transfer these hints and tips to you all – everybody who knows me, know what I am talking about.

Happy modelling!

Volkhard Waltermann

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